primadonnas (primadonnas) wrote,

I didn't forget..get bored.. or die I just haven't had very much computer time lately and that's saddens me because I miss you guys. I come back now and like errrbody has gone on hiatus or has sworn off journals altogether. Ha they'll be back they always come back ::evil grin::

Anywho I'm back to school in exactly 7 days big whoop. It's my last year of college undergrad. I'm glad.. I'm definitely done with school and ready for the workforce. Now that I got a big taste of corporate life and more importantly corporate money. Making money.. I mean real money is hella nice and definitely not what I was expecting. So the company I'm with offered me a full time job.. just once catch.. start immediately.. I would LOVE to take the job..but I HAVE to finish school.. knowing me and how I opperate, if I didn't finish school now I would NEVER finish.
Godwilling I'll find a equal or even better job once I graduate!

Love is lost.. that fucker!! haha nah we just aren't doing it for each other right now which is cool ... we are friends... friends with occasional benefits.. so it's complicated and stupid right now.

eh .. I gotta get back to work..
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