primadonnas (primadonnas) wrote,


so it's damn near 3:30am and I'm up. He's here sleep of course. how is it that guys can sleep through anything. I'm wide awake. I always get like this on the weekends up all night and up all day. if we were passed that 'getting to know you' stage.. i'd have an easy fix for this problem.. it's called a quickie.. but no no no no no no sex/messing for me and him...yet damn i hate this.. i'm so fucking horny and awake.. and he's laid out sleep like he lives here.. he's real comfortable.. already. My roomates are already use to him... haha one burped in front of him earlier.. haha i was cracking up..she was embarrased as hell. I'm pretty gurlie.. i don't do any of that stuff in front of the guy in my life... never.

so NO every post will not be about him..but it's new so it's kinda all i can think of right now.. haha you know how that goes.

: )

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