Hip Hop

gone for a minute now i'm back with the jump off.

so it's official 21-grown and loving it. I spent my wonderful birthday indoors bleh.. yup it was a boring day because ti rained all day long..all day long.. it didn't let up at all. But that's cool cause we just brought the sware indoors. My friends brought over all kinds of nice things for me. Of course there were numerous bottles of alcohol and money. But most, to my surprise, actually bought me presents which was nice. I got 3 nice pairs of earrings a nice designer purse. and some other cool stuff. pictures as soon as I can get 'em developed. I got a cake. I honestly wasn't really expecting anything... birthdays carry a double -eged sword for me. Yeah it is the day I was born..but it's also the same day my late Grandmother was born so i'm pretty much a sad walking ball of mush for most of the day.

Believe it, I actually didn't drink much on my actual birthday. aI had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn the next day--back on the grind to New York City to make serious money. the next night my mother and aunt took me out to dinner to celebrate civilized style ha it was fun. I got to hear the stories of my yestur-years when I 'wasn't bigger than a minute' back when I called breast 'cowabungas!' and back when I couldn't eat hardly anything because I was allergic to everything.. I never ever ever liked sherbert. When remember(well they did) so 5 long months I struggled to stay alive in the hospital... that was back when being premature wasn't as easy to deal with. They don't call me the million dollar baby for nother.

We had a sad cry for my Grandmother but tried to focus on the good times. Cancer is a bitch.. which is why I will never smoke.

Thursday was ladies night.. we hit up this little whole in the wall in paterson.. fun times.. ha i refused to get drunk.. eh it's just not my style. But we had fun anyway.. clownin' dumb ones and just being goofy. Those are my girls for life. True blue definately glad I've been blessed with people who care about me. Even if it's been a small 1 or 2 at times.

Friday chilled with the WHOLE fam.. cousins and hoopla.. had another cake.. and dug up the old photo album.. ha the one with the coke bottles glasses and my little bony ass chicken legs.. ha i'm not so skinny anymoore far far from it. :)

saturday.. chilled with the boyfriend.. ha that's a wholllee other entry. :)

Sunday--me and Mom went out for a 'drink' our first official outing together. Ordered a 2- dollar beers and tequila shots on me. :) good times. :)

I'll definitely comment all by tomorrow.. hope you had a great week and weekend.